Areas of Interest

Adding Ajax to WordPress Plugin

Three months ago, I created a small plugin that adds a widget to the sidebar. Upon clicking on the link in the widget it is getting some HTML with text and reloads its contents, while the rest of the website is not changed. This plugin is a simple example of AJAX technology in a wordpress […]

How to Add Dummy Content

In this post I will show you how to add dummy content for theme development in WordPress using dummy plugin. I am using this plugin to test themes and plugins. This plugin creates programmatically ten pages and ten posts with some neutral content, and the website is full within few seconds. I hope that this […]

How to set front page programmatically

Everyone knows how to assign a front page in the backend of your wordpress site. Today I wrote a plugin that makes it programmatically. Even if that page was not created, the plugin will create a page named FRONT for you. So it will be the front page of the website. You will see reports […]

Web safe fonts

Typography is about shaping text for optimal reading experience. Over the last few months, I’ve spent more time than I intended on exploring the whole idea of fonts and typography for the Web. When taking iPhone, Android, and Blackberry into consideration, all these mobile devices come with different system fonts, so your safest bets for […]

Child themes in WordPress

When trying to make changes to a website, a staggering number of people opt to edit their theme directly. This means they are changing or adding files in their current theme’s folder. This creates a number of problems. The biggest disadvantage is that any modifications made to the theme in this way will be lost […]

Using Alternative Databases

Currently, the official WordPress distribution only supports the MySQL and MariaDB database engines. A number of people have requested support for other database engines, particularly the open-source PostgreSQL. This page is an effort to summarize the previous discussion on the topic, and to get a solid roadmap for supporting more databases in WordPress. The most […]